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What's Going on with the Batgirls in the DCU?

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, May 15 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

What's Going on with the Batgirls in the DCU?

Is DC Comics doing something *gasp* RIGHT for a certain fanbase?! They just might be! The world is ending, isn't it?

I kind of just wanted to do one article.

A simple review on Detective Comics #980. But no, I can't just have that it seems. Not when fellow OH! staff member sdsichero keeps asking me, "Wait you do CBR articles now?" "Why didn't you write this for us?" And just kept poking the bear that is me. So if you have anyone to blame for this it's sdsichero, and CBR not me. I wanted to leave the subject done. Wipe my hands clean of it with one article. One simple review, but since sd egged me into it. Well, if you want something done RIGHT, I just gotta do it myself. So yes, blame sdsichero for this.   


So if you've been reading Detective Comics you know writer James Tynion IV tackles certain slights done by DC Comics that happened in the Batman comics all thanks to the New 52. The first of which, was tossing the awful new origin of Tim Drake in the New 52 out of the window (which was horrible for many reasons, but chief among them was Tim was dropped from ever being a Robin and was only Red Robin-- YUM! ... DAMMIT!), and restore his original origin (along with him being a Robin again) from when he debuted back in Batman #436

Detective Comics #980 was just the latest entry on where the writer confronted head-on a dual slight: DC shoving the legacy of Batgirl out the window. Where Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown learned of what was taken from them:



Like I said in my review, it amazes me the length Tynion went to in handling this (given he himself was responsible for Cassandra's new origin and to a degree Stephanie's as well). Not just the fact that he goes out and mentions the skeletons in the closet, but just goes on and shows the other problems certain fans have had with these interpretations of the characters. Not to mention, go right for the throat on why DC themselves have treated these two characters quite badly for some reason. 

But besides all of that, it's also the tone Tynion uses as well in these two pages. This tone of "It's... us?" "Batgirls?" which Tynion has the characters speak throughout these pages is quite fascinating and was even overlooked by other sites when it was released (*pip pip*). Why do you ask? Because the words chosen allude to something more. Not only do they question the flaws some fans have had with the characters, but it also feeds into something-- curious that hasn't been talked about anywhere else (save a mild allusion in the article above by CBR). I won't hold back that allusion.  

Like I said before in my review that I've linked above. We have no idea where the character of Stephanie Brown is going after James Tynion IV concludes his run on this comic. However, Cassandra Cain will still be a part of Detective Comics in Bryan Edward Hill's "Outsiders" arc starting in #982. And the curious thing I've noticed is we've seen two covers for the comic, and nigh of any sign of Cassandra on the cover.  More, let's note the solicitation particularly for #985:

Then, Black Lightning, the Signal and Cassandra Cain are showing how well they work together...but now they're up against a foe who can tap into their worst emotions and play them like music! When you've seen the kinds of horrors these poor souls have, there's plenty of trauma to work with...and with that, you can turn these heroes into deadly weapons! Meanwhile, Batman's "side project" has been revealed—what are the Brainiac Files, and what exactly does Batman plan to do with them?

Cassandra Cain, not Orphan the code-name she's been giving herself in the current Tec run. Everyone else in that solicitation goes by their code-name, but Cassandra. A rather curious omission wouldn't you say?

Then there are the ramifications of "the Flash War" going on in the Flash comic to consider as well. Wally West just got his memories of the prior universe restored. The comic will have fallout that will hit other characters in the DCU. Could both Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown be given their old memories back? Perhaps, but there's something else as well that gives me pause that happened last week in DC Comics. 

The final issue of Batgirl & the Birds of Prey #22. I know it wasn't talked about much, given that's kind of reason it's being canceled: low readership. BUT-- there was this little nugget at the end:


Barbara Gordon is pulling double duty going back to the Oracle person besides just being Batgirl. It kind of free's up the Batgirl mask to be filled by a certain pair, doesn't it? Now, of course, the solicitations for DC Comics in June and July both list Batgirl with Barbara Gordon still in the role with nigh any mention or show of the final issue. But... it seems DC is in the fill-in arc business starting in June. Detective Comics seems like a fill-in arc leading to an "Outsiders" spin-off. What if Batgirl is on also a fill-in arc until whatever DC is building towards? 

Perhaps a popular concept that Gail Simone introduced all the way back in Future's End: Batgirl #1?



Something to consider, at least even if you can easily dismiss this theory to either my drunkness or DC's innate ability to wrong the legacy of Batgirl. I guess we shall see in the coming months (most likely at SDCC in July), won't we? 


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