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Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Review

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, January 24 2018 and posted in Features

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Review

Pretty standard, almost forgettable fare until the final memorable act arrives.

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is the first animated Godzilla movie made by Toho to compensate for the lack of live action movies (aka we have to wait until 2020 for a new live-action Godzilla move from them due to the Monsterverse from Legendary Pictures). The tale is pretty basic full of stock characters who really are as basic as they are. The plot is rather interesting, but we barely are given a glimpse of it just so we get to know these characters (and just not care). 

You have the main protagonist who's an Ahab-type who really wants to slay the King of Monsters (and is rather crazy cause again Ahab). You have his alien sidekick who brings the Spock. Then you have basically filler characters who are only there to be filler for when things go to hell these characters are basically there to bite it. Oh, and random female character who randomly shows up to add plot with the main protagonist (geez the inclusion of this feels so last minute and bad it just pops you up at all the exposition they have to dump instead of just gradually telling it. But I digress, there is a better introduction at the end, which does hopefully set up a better character for the next movie). 

Really, the only point I honestly even cared for these characters was when the aliens talked about Godzilla, the humans, and suddenly a Mechagodzilla reference is dropped. Truth be told, I was rather bored with the entire affair. It felt by the numbers. The only time I lit up and stood to watch intently was when we were gifted with a random kaiju from Toho appearing or the various creatures that populated this "Monster Planet". It was a standard forgettable affair that was going to be forgettable for me until the actual climax of the movie began.

That's when things took a total U-turn into " HOLY SHIT!!!! I care now this is awesome. Then it went a downturn. How you ask? Basically, the plot is humans/aliens return to Earth after a miscalculation in getting there means 20,000 years have passed since they left. Just when things appear hopeful/happy for them-- yeah. This is a Godzilla film. You know what that means? That so isn't going to last for them. That's specific portion aka the last ten minutes when the movie gets damn entertaining.  Because just when these survivors get that inch toward positivity. Godzilla just annihilates them.

Which is great because here you have the rug pulled under us and the characters. You think this is the standard Godzilla movie. Okay, Godzilla is there in the usual size still lingering, and maybe with these future alien weapons, they can defeat him at long last? Of course not, the twist is great because it was basically spoiled in the trailers (but also great cause it made me pause and wonder, "Wait did they just beat Godzilla in the first movie? That was too easy). Wait, wasn't this supposed to have the largest Godzilla in franchise history? And then it happens. And when it does it's just simply glorious. 

Of course, the best part of this movie is Godzilla, and of course the weakest anyone but Godzilla. But the journey to get at Godzilla is just so damn boring. I'd give this review a 1, if not for the last ten minutes. I am somewhat curious where this goes in the next two films. Given how screwed the survivors are. We do get a teaser here on what they'll probably do. But that would mean this character would have to be as big? Which means more time would be made to have to build it right? Eh, as long as the two are fighting. I'm good.

Hopefully, in the next entry, they really flesh out the characters who aren't Godzilla in this. The protagonist is just too batshit crazy for me to care, save for me to laugh when failure smacks him hard in the face for being too obsessive in trying to destroy what cannot be destroyed. This isn't Castlevania which tries more in the writing (well it does help that series when it has Warren Ellis and this does not), but this is a good watch to have if you have an hour and a half to kill. The problem is the hour and twenty is a cliched chore to get through. However, once you get thru/accept the lackluster characters, and the good set-up. The payoff is great. Not like you're here seeing meh chalkboard characters. No, you're watching this for Godzilla and doing what Godzilla does best. In that case, the movie does deliver in the last half hour. But those final ten minutes are just glorious. Glorious enough to up one point what would have been a lackluster film.  


3 out of 5


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