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Justice League Review

Written by Zechs on Saturday, November 18 2017 and posted in Features

Justice League Review

A flawed, but a good-natured and fun movie that makes Warner Bros. two for two this year in the superhero genre.

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Wow is this movie getting a TON of hate online. It's almost startling to see the amount of just venomous spew this movie is getting. You'd think this movie ran over a pony or something (not like that is wrong. I'd back up and make sure the job would be finished if that was the case. ESPECIALLY the Hasbro kind). But at the end of the day, Justice League isn't Suicide Squad (2016) or Man of Steel (2013) levels bad. It even rises above Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) mediocrity (but I confess I do love the ultimate cut of it). But the movie doesn't hold a candle to the earlier edition we had this year in Wonder Woman.

Instantly, the movie tells you outright it isn't going to be like the previous two entries with Superman (Henry Cavill in probably his best outing as the Last Son of Krypton). This movie reminds me so much of the pilot for Justice League. Every hero gets their moment and each is given a good chunk to have their time to shine. They even act as a team. You see what each brings to the table and why they're here. 

Yes, Warner Bros. plays the Marvel plan in having a mid-credit and end credit sequence (both of them you could tell had Geoff Johns behind and fuck it made me smirk both times). But hey, when Marvel created such a successful brand why bother anymore (other than controlling the quippage). But where they differ is honestly, is DC heroes have a rich and vast history in multi-media. When they hit that note (and they do in this film) your hooked. Marvel? They created the notes their making via their own films. 

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa (who was only missing "OUTRAGEOUS!" to make the character portrayal perfection and maybe give this movie a perfect score if the line was said), and Ray Fisher. Each hero just captures and defines the hero they play. Even the two newbies on the block are just so damn likable and add much to the movie. Likewise, all the B players in Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Connie NeilsenJ.K. Simmons (who I already love as Jim Gordon), and Joe Morton turn in some fine performances. 

But as I said. There are flaws in this movie. Cheif among them the special effects.  I just have to ask. What the hell happened to WETA? They used to be top notch in special effects. But since the Hobbit Trilogy, their orcs looked just so off. That same problem affects the lead villain in this Steppenwolf. If not for Ciarán Hinds doing a very nice job being a bastard in the role. That's what comes to me with the character. He's there just to be that foil since it would be kind of jarring given how many characters this film introduces (and it does it rather well giving all their moments). He just seems so goddamn out of place compared to the Parademons in this. The only other flaw I had with him is the fact that well. We never got final resolution with his character. You know where the character went and I kept expecting to see someone else show up (and if he was voiced by Michael Ironside this movie again would have gotten a perfect 5 out of 5). Sadly no and again a tiny slight against this film because of it.

The other is Ezra Miller as the Flash. No disrespect to the actor and his performance, but more to whoever is writing the character. The character in this film is sure as hell, not Barry Allen. It's freaking Wally West or for me Bart Allen.  There are moments were Miller shines (just by his expression alone. You'll know the scenes if you see the movie).

But his constant fanboy attitude and being so young. Well, it reminds me more of these Flashes and not Barry. Which just begs the question: why the hell doesn't Warner Bros. embrace the goddamn legacy of these characters? When the movie freaking teases it in the flashback of the alliance of Earth taking on Steppenwolf? I just hope that Flashpoint or whatever the hell movie we get is scuttled because honestly? I kind of don't want to see more of this character. I'd rather have more from Cyborg (the hell? I barely cared for him in the comics yet here and the old.. oh dear god it's old early 2000 Teen Titans cartoon they just did a good job with the character).

Still, even with these flaws, the movie holds up well. I kind of want to see it again because of it. Even dare I say, this is probably my second favorite superhero film this year (Wonder Woman has the top spot). Even then, this was a pretty remarkable year for superhero films. Each one brought something new and mostly unique to the table. Honestly, I think we should bash films when they deliver on the promises and just revel in the fact that we're in a very good age of superhero films (with more on the way). 

So how would I rate this film? I would give this a 3 but the fact that Danny Elfman used his Batman, Hans Zimmer/Junkie XL's Wonder Woman, and John Williams Superman themes. Yeah, that's gonna give it a whole point because you just can't but get hyped hearing all three themes together. Not only that, but I like the fact that now with this movie they're slowing the pace down. The path is laid out now. And where these films might go? I'm down. If Marvel goes with cosmic, then where these DC films go? BRING IT! Because if any clear flaw that Marvel has is its villains. Something these DC films honestly (save Suicide Squad and honestly this one to a degree) don't have. Each leaves an impact on you. Love/hate it. You'll remember the performance. So yeah. Haters gonna hate. I may understand where the hate will come from. But goddamit I loved this movie. Fucking hell. I'll take the stand for loving this movie more than I should ever. 


4 out of 5


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